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Tata Motors among 11 stocks with Q1 EPS more than entire FY23 EPS. Big deal?

Considered as one of the most straightforward metrics with little chances of misinterpretation, EPS in conjunction with some other ratios such as P/E gives a holistic picture of the company to investors, said Trivesh D of Bengaluru-based broking firm Tradejini.

US Federal Reserve 'prepared to raise rates further' to bring inflation down to 2%: Jerome Powell at Jackson Hole

“The Federal Reserve (Fed) has maintained a hawkish tone, signaling that it is committed to raising interest rates in order to combat inflation. As interest rates rise, FPIs may become more cautious about investing in riskier assets such as Indian stocks. However, the Indian market has been resilient in recent weeks with strong DII and retail participation […]

Can China's stamp duty cut on stock trades accelerate FII outflows from India? Experts weigh in

Trivesh D, COO of Tradejini also believes the move will not have any long-term impact. "Any reduction in stamp duty, being a transactional cost will not have a long-term impact on the stock market. Any long-term impact on the stock market is created by investors who predominately invest for longer timeframes, and are agnostic to such changes […]

DIIs invest over Rs 1 lakh crore in Indian equities so far this year

"We are witnessing record participation from the FII’s in the previous few trading sessions, and we expect DII’s to join the party as well. With consolidation taking place and corrections being recorded, (as seen in the markets posting its fourth straight weekly loss - worst in 15 months), we can expect significant inflows from the […]

Ethics of Discount Broking: Finding the right balance between profits and investor welfare

In the ever-changing world of financial markets, technology has revolutionized trading and investing, leading to a surge in retail participation in the equity and capital markets. Enter the discount brokers – the tech-savvy traders. No flashy suits or coffee dates here. Instead, they harness technology to streamline operations, cut costs, and pass on the savings […]

In an interaction with Trivesh D, COO of Tradejini

The Indian equity markets are experiencing a very positive outlook, with both benchmark indices reaching all-time highs in July 2023. IPO interest has increased, and some profit booking has been observed among small retail investors, while Foreign Portfolio Investors (FPIs) continue to be net with record participation in July 2023 (>Rs 42k crore), indicating strong market sentiment. […]

Can RBI go the Fed-way next week? A guide on investing in a high-interest rate regime

Trivesh D, COO of Tradejini believes with consistent rates in the last two policies, it is an ideal time to invest in cash-rich companies, low debt-to-equity companies and insurance/AMC-based companies. "This will yield better cash utilization in terms of the opportunity cost and increase the investors' return. Additionally, banking stocks may see an uptick on account of […]

At 2.9 mn, new demat account additions hit 18-month high in July

“Historically, participation by new retail investors has been observed during the peak of a market rally," said Trivesh D, chief operating officer of Tradejini. “Having said that, the importance of the fundamental strength of the economy and the underlying companies continues to remain very positive and will consequently have a spillover effect on the new […]

Impact on Indian markets on account of Fitch downgrade of US!

Knee Jerk Reaction in markets on account of Fitch downgrading the credit rating of US. Indian investors to remain patient and believe in the Indian growth story.

Unleashing the Power of Technology: The Role of Discount Brokers in the Digital Age.

Discount brokers have transformed the financial landscape through the strategic utilization of technology. By prioritizing customer experience, reducing costs, and harnessing cutting-edge technology, they have disrupted the traditional brokerage market. As society continues to embrace the digital era, discount brokers will further evolve.

Like IL&FS Trans, bullish in Motherson Sumi: Dinesh Kumar

Dinesh Kumar, Managing Director, Tradejini Financial Services likes IL&FS Transportation Networks and is bullish on Motherson Sumi Systems.

Like Allahabad Bank, says Dinesh Kumar

Dinesh Kumar, Managing Director, Tradejini Financial Services likes Allahabad Bank and feels that Canara Bank is poised to be a leader in the PSU sector.

See mobile trading booming in future Watch Video

The company so far has seen a 100 percent growth year-on-year and expect to maintain this growth rate for the next 3-4 years, says J Kishore Kumar, MD,

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