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RBI meet begins Wednesday: Status quo likely amid strong growth, tighter liquidity conditions

“It is anticipated that the MPC's decision will have limited impact on the market, given that the effects of previous policy actions have already been factored in. Additionally, the recent positive push in the markets due to election results has propelled them to record highs,” said Trivesh D, COO, Tradejini. While some caution is warranted […]

Can bulls keep the D-St rally going in December? Historical data, factors that may shape market trends

“Historically, November has been among the most prosperous for the Nifty 50 and the overallIndian stock market,” said Trivesh D, COO Tradejini. “Current factors like strong corporateearnings, lower inflation, improved GDP numbers, strong private and government capex, andpositive global cues could propel the market to new heights, with the election results actingas a potential immediate […]

Bulls lift NIfty50 to new highs, broader markets shine; FIIs shop at D-st in Nov

The current market is experiencing dynamism, which  be attributed to positive political developments in India influencing the stock market, easing tensions in the Israel-Hamas conflict, reduced recession indicators in the US, and a rebound Indian Rupee, said Trivesh D, COO, Tradejini. "Valuations in India have now adjusted to more reasonable levels, fostering increased market participation. […]

Tata Tech IPO allotment in next few hours, GMP stays firm; here's what to expect

Fueling this IPO frenzy is a remarkable surge in retail investor engagement, empowered by seamless access to online trading platforms and an escalating understanding of the stock market. Inflated grey market premiums create a buzz, enticing investors to actively participate in the IPO bonanza, said Trivesh D, COO, Tradejini. “India's stable macroeconomic outlook, political stability, […]

Reasons why F&O traders lose money; things to keep in mind to safeguard your money

In the fast-paced world of Futures and Options (F&O) trading, losses are often attributed to a myriad of factors, from emotional decision-making to the allure of quick riches. Recognizing these pitfalls and adopting strategies for safeguarding your investments is crucial for success in this volatile market. 6 Reasons Why Traders don’t make Money 1. The […]

Upcoming IPOs in 2023, Here’s How IPOs Have Performed Recently

Trivesh D, chief operating officer (COO) of stock trading platform Tradejini, attributed the thriving performance of Indian IPOs in 2023 to a buoyant secondary market, positive economic sentiments, and distinctive business models of IPO entrants. “Notably, smaller-sized IPOs have been prevalent in 2023, often below the Rs 1,000 crore mark, thus limiting pre-IPO institutional investment. […]

Investors clock 2-digit gains in Samvat 2079

"Samvat 2079 was a rollercoaster in the financial world. It kicked off with an unpredictable market that kept everyone guessing. But as the year unfolded, it was like a phoenix rising from the ashes. The market unexpectedly hit all-time highs. Everything from gold to mutual funds and stocks outperformed most predictions from the previous year," […]

Equity vs Gold: What should you invest in this Diwali?

Trivesh D, COO, Tradejini believes equities can provide better returns. Equities are like seeds that can grow into big trees. Stocks are parts of companies that make things, sell things, and can make more money over time. With stocks, if you pick a really good one, it could do really well. It’s like finding a […]

Nifty Realty index up 49% this year; does the realty sector have more steam left?

Trivesh D, COO at Tradejini believes the unwavering stance of the Reserve Bank of India in maintaining unchanged repo rates laid a solid foundation for the real estate sector, instilling investor confidence and providing a stable environment. Complementing this stability was the synergy between the festive season and a substantial recovery in demand, which led to a […]

US Fed outcome expected today: How will the decision impact Indian stock market?

Trivesh D, COO of Tradejini said the Federal Reserve is poised to maintain its resolute hawkish stance, showing no intention of reducing its interest rates, which are currently at a 22-year high, as part of its strategy to combat inflation. "The Fed is expected to maintain its current short-term interest rate, providing perhaps the most explicit signal […]

Markets snap six-day losing streak; Sensex ends 635 points higher

“The market is on a roller coaster ride, characterised by the long-anticipated correction in recent trading sessions. On a positive note, valuations in India, which had been high, have now adjusted to more reasonable levels. In sectors like banking, valuations have become attractive,” said Trivesh D, COO of Tradejini.

PSU bank index corrects 15% from highs; check latest view & target prices

Public sector banks enjoyed a robust performance over the preceding half-year, owing to a favorable business climate in the power and infrastructure sectors, where these banks have a significant exposure, said Trivesh D, COO at Tradejini. Looking ahead, banks have likely reached the peak of their net interest margin, and credit costs have likely hit […]

India Stocks Review: Fall 6th day; Nifty 50 down 6.8% from record high

"We are seeing an impact of a number of factors such as affect of war on crude oil prices, high bond yields in the US, the upcoming state elections…market reaction right now is a culmination of these issues," said Trivesh D., chief operating officer at Tradejini.

Brokerages need to invest in higher bandwidth capacity to manage traffic better: Tradejini COO

These technical outages raise a grey area about who is responsible for losses caused to traders by volatile events in the backend of brokerages. Trivesh D, Chief Operating Officer of Tradejini, a stock trading platform, spoke to Moneycontrol about the technical glitches and shared his views on the matter.

Panel Discussion: Generative AI and Open AI Reshaping the Future of Entrepreneurship | Startup Summit 2023

"Customer support is the most important areas where we use AI. It has simplified and enhanced efficiency of our grievance redressal system. Also we’re able to answer in vernacular languages," said Trivesh D, chief operating officer at Tradejini.

Tradejini organizes Knowledge Boost Session to empower traders

“Financial literacy is the key that unlocks the doors to financial independence, enabling individuals to make informed decisions and build a secure future. By promoting such knowledge sessions, we believe we can increase awareness and play a key role in equipping aspiring traders to build essential skills and confidence to trade and make informed investment […]

T+0 Settlement: A retail investor's dream come true?

During the recent Global Fintech Fest, Madhabi Puri Buch, the Chairperson of the Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI), unveiled a significant strategic shift. SEBI is actively working towards achieving a T+1 hour settlement by March 2024, followed by the audacious goal of 'instantaneous' settlement by October 2024. Importantly, these new settlement options will be presented […]

Extended trading hours: Pain for traditional brokers, gain for digital brokers?

"The other aspect that brokers have to consider is the postponement of maintenance operations. Most brokers carry out maintenance of their tech infra after 3:30 pm, which will now have to be pushed to 9 pm or the weekend," said Tradejini’s Trivesh.

Where are yields headed on Indian bonds' inclusion in JPMorgan Global Bond index?

At a time when domestic bond yields were heading north tracking the US yields and amid hawkish remarks by the US Fed on rate hikes, news of the inclusion of Indian government bonds in the JPMorgan Global Bond Index was like a vitamin pill for bond traders.

US Fed pauses rate hike; where is the equity market headed?

Trivesh D, COO of Tradejini says, “The Federal Reserve (Fed) remains resolute in its hawkish stance, aiming to combat persistently high inflation, which exceeds the sustainable 2% level. This stance has triggered mixed reactions on Wall Street, with some experts optimistic about a soft economic landing. With the Fed hinting at the end of the rate-hiking […]

Market Minutes, Shailaja Mohapatra talks about Bain Capital's likely block deal in L&T Finance Holdings

In this episode of Market Minutes, Shailaja Mohapatra talks about Bain Capital's likely block deal in L&T Finance Holdings, the hike in L&T's buyback price and KKR's investment in Reliance Retail at Rs 8.36 lakh crore valuation. Catch Trivesh D. of Tradejini in Voice of the Day segment. Market Minutes is a morning podcast that […]

Why some brokers force you to open new demat accounts

"With the evolution of regulations, shorter settlement time for trades and requirement of upfront margin, no broker would provide their clients the option of linking their trading account with a separate demat account opened elsewhere. Operationally, this will turn out to be a nightmare for brokers if clients began to demand this," said Trivesh D, […]

Why some investors have a hard time changing brokers?

Mint's Akshat talks to Trivesh D, COO at Tradejini about the various challenges and lack of awareness among the retail investors regarding the portbaility of demat accounts.

Are small-cap stocks in a bubble? Experts tell you how to trade in smaller companies

Trivesh D, COO of Tradejini advises exercising caution while trading in the smallcap space, focusing on companies with strong fundamentals and positive cash flows. “While the small-cap sector has enjoyed a prolonged bull run, it's essential to make informed investment decisions rather than succumbing to the allure of trendy stocks driven by fear of missing out," said […]

Tata Motors among 11 stocks with Q1 EPS more than entire FY23 EPS. Big deal?

Considered as one of the most straightforward metrics with little chances of misinterpretation, EPS in conjunction with some other ratios such as P/E gives a holistic picture of the company to investors, said Trivesh D of Bengaluru-based broking firm Tradejini.

US Federal Reserve 'prepared to raise rates further' to bring inflation down to 2%: Jerome Powell at Jackson Hole

“The Federal Reserve (Fed) has maintained a hawkish tone, signaling that it is committed to raising interest rates in order to combat inflation. As interest rates rise, FPIs may become more cautious about investing in riskier assets such as Indian stocks. However, the Indian market has been resilient in recent weeks with strong DII and retail participation […]

Can China's stamp duty cut on stock trades accelerate FII outflows from India? Experts weigh in

Trivesh D, COO of Tradejini also believes the move will not have any long-term impact. "Any reduction in stamp duty, being a transactional cost will not have a long-term impact on the stock market. Any long-term impact on the stock market is created by investors who predominately invest for longer timeframes, and are agnostic to such changes […]

DIIs invest over Rs 1 lakh crore in Indian equities so far this year

"We are witnessing record participation from the FII’s in the previous few trading sessions, and we expect DII’s to join the party as well. With consolidation taking place and corrections being recorded, (as seen in the markets posting its fourth straight weekly loss - worst in 15 months), we can expect significant inflows from the […]

Ethics of Discount Broking: Finding the right balance between profits and investor welfare

In the ever-changing world of financial markets, technology has revolutionized trading and investing, leading to a surge in retail participation in the equity and capital markets. Enter the discount brokers – the tech-savvy traders. No flashy suits or coffee dates here. Instead, they harness technology to streamline operations, cut costs, and pass on the savings […]

In an interaction with Trivesh D, COO of Tradejini

The Indian equity markets are experiencing a very positive outlook, with both benchmark indices reaching all-time highs in July 2023. IPO interest has increased, and some profit booking has been observed among small retail investors, while Foreign Portfolio Investors (FPIs) continue to be net with record participation in July 2023 (>Rs 42k crore), indicating strong market sentiment. […]

Can RBI go the Fed-way next week? A guide on investing in a high-interest rate regime

Trivesh D, COO of Tradejini believes with consistent rates in the last two policies, it is an ideal time to invest in cash-rich companies, low debt-to-equity companies and insurance/AMC-based companies. "This will yield better cash utilization in terms of the opportunity cost and increase the investors' return. Additionally, banking stocks may see an uptick on account of […]

At 2.9 mn, new demat account additions hit 18-month high in July

“Historically, participation by new retail investors has been observed during the peak of a market rally," said Trivesh D, chief operating officer of Tradejini. “Having said that, the importance of the fundamental strength of the economy and the underlying companies continues to remain very positive and will consequently have a spillover effect on the new […]

Impact on Indian markets on account of Fitch downgrade of US!

Knee Jerk Reaction in markets on account of Fitch downgrading the credit rating of US. Indian investors to remain patient and believe in the Indian growth story.

Unleashing the Power of Technology: The Role of Discount Brokers in the Digital Age.

Discount brokers have transformed the financial landscape through the strategic utilization of technology. By prioritizing customer experience, reducing costs, and harnessing cutting-edge technology, they have disrupted the traditional brokerage market. As society continues to embrace the digital era, discount brokers will further evolve.

Like IL&FS Trans, bullish in Motherson Sumi: Dinesh Kumar

Dinesh Kumar, Managing Director, Tradejini Financial Services likes IL&FS Transportation Networks and is bullish on Motherson Sumi Systems.

Like Allahabad Bank, says Dinesh Kumar

Dinesh Kumar, Managing Director, Tradejini Financial Services likes Allahabad Bank and feels that Canara Bank is poised to be a leader in the PSU sector.

See mobile trading booming in future Watch Video

The company so far has seen a 100 percent growth year-on-year and expect to maintain this growth rate for the next 3-4 years, says J Kishore Kumar, MD,

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