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Here are some insights into some of the most expensive publicly traded companies in India

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The scale of these companies has been increasing. These companies are known for holding the title of the most expensive stock in the Indian stock market, making them the most premium ones.


The most expensive share currently in India is MRF. The stock of MRF, as of 4th December 2023 intraday trade, hit a fresh all-time high of ₹1,11,610.00 each. The reason why MRF stock’s price is so high is that the company has never split its share, and it has the backing of strong fundamentals.

Page Industries

Page Industries, which holds an exclusive license from JOCKEY International Inc. (USA) for production and distribution, also has an exclusive license for Speedo International Ltd.'s products. Page Industries , which often tends to have the high stock price in India, sold for ₹37,460 per share.

Honeywell Automation

Honeywell Automation India Ltd, per share, costs ₹36,621, making it on the most expensive list. The USA subsidiary of Honeywell Group specializes in integrated automation and software solutions in India. Their expertise enhances aircraft efficiency, reducing fuel consumption and flight times. Additionally, they provide innovative process solutions to optimize plant, building, and supply chain operations for businesses, promoting sustainable growth.

3M India

3M India Ltd, a technology company with a strong presence in various sectors, has gained the confidence of foreign institutional investors and mutual funds. Reflecting its strength, the company's stock price stood at ₹31,115.90 per share as of December 4th. With a diverse portfolio, including industrial, packaging, healthcare, safety, graphics, and consumer products, 3M India continues to demonstrate its resilience and growth potential.

Shree Cement

Shree Cement is a prominent cement manufacturer in North India, established in 1979. Their product portfolio includes Shree Jung Rodhak, Bangur Cement, and Rockstrong Cement, which are marketed under three distinct brand names - Shree Ultra Jung Rodhak Cement, Bangur Cement, and Tuff Cemento. In addition to cement production, the company is also involved in power generation. As of 4th December, the company’s stock price was ₹27,700 each.

Nestle India

Nestle India Ltd, a subsidiary of the global food and beverage giant Nestle, specializes in the production and distribution of various food products. Their diverse portfolio encompasses beverages, breakfast cereals, chocolates, dairy items, nutritional products, and food services. Additionally, they handle imports, exports, and advertising campaigns for Nestle brands. The per share price of the company, as of 4th December 2023, is ₹24,450


Bosch Ltd, an Indian subsidiary of Germany's Robert Bosch, operates in various sectors, including automotive technology, industrial technology, and consumer goods. Their automotive segment offers diesel and gasoline fuel injection systems, car multimedia systems, auto electricals, motors, and starters. Industrial technology encompasses. Bosch sold each stock for ₹21,941.35 as of 4 December 2023.

Abbott India

The market capitalization of Abbott India Ltd has embarked. It is a global healthcare company focused on pharmaceuticals, diagnostics, medical devices, nutrition, and branded generic drugs. With a diverse portfolio, they cater to various healthcare needs, aiming to improve lives through innovative solutions. The company, as of 4th December 2023, had ₹23,500

Investing in expensive Indian stocks can have pros and cons. Thus, it's essential to consult a financial advisor or conduct thorough research before making an investment decision. This ensures that you make an informed choice that aligns with your financial goals and risk tolerance.

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