The seamless backend platform which helps you track all your trades with enhanced reports and dashboards.
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Day wise trade registry

Analyse/View your trading and investing patterns in a simple informative infographic!

Simplified Ledgers

Know the cost of each trade on a daily basis. Detailed breakdown of each transaction including the associated charges in a transparent and simplified manner.

Global Reports

  • Tax P&L – Download reports in accordance with the Income Tax format with simplified segment wise turnover details.
  • P&L Report – Easily download customizable reports to analyze segment-wise P&L spanning multiple years in one click.

Verified P&L

Discuss your true returns using the Verified PL feature. Bragging rights just became cooler!

Other Features

Robust referral details

Seamless Pledge and Pledge release

Simple payout option to your desired bank account

Start investing now!

Account opening in less than 5 minutes steps