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We have a very active and rewarding Referral Program – wherein the client who refers a client will get 10% of the brokerage paid by the referred client on perpetual basis without any action from the referring client end. Also it has no liability or obligation strings attached to it. It is like a perpetual annuity for traders as they can convert their acquaintances, friends and family members to become Tradejini clients and build a steady income stream for himself.

The Network build by the Investors and traders come of great help here as you can refer any number of clients without any obligation from your end. The referred client will be contacted by our sales team and will be mapped to you after onboarding. The status of your referred clients can be viewed from back office login.

The Payouts for referral amount will be done on 15th of every month for the previous month earnings. The credit payments are subject to TDS and a minimum brokerage credit of Rs. 2,000 from all your referred friends.

Referring a friend has it Perks!

10% Commission On

No limit on

Technology driven


To know exactly how much

Active Clients

Average Daily

Total Trades
per month

earned per month

earned per annum

Invite Friends To Tradejini Sometime small steps is all you need to start creating wealth begin now

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