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Finance Frenzy of the Gen-Z

It is time to rethink the stereotype that Gen Z is only interested in Instagram reels and vape flavours. They are demonstrating remarkable financial literacy and interest, thanks to their early exposure to technology. They understand social media and technology organically and resonate with options that offer convenience and value.

According to estimates, millennials (born between 1981 and 1996) and Gen Z (1997 and 2012) will make up 50% of India's total population by 2030. They will dominate the workforce and are already defining spending and investing patterns in India.

What are they investing in?

Apart from sneakers and drip, the primary investment tools, preferred by Gen Z's preferred tools are equity markets and mutual funds. They seek alpha returns while diversifying their portfolios with safer options like bank fixed deposits and gold bonds. Statistics reveal that a significant portion of first-time mutual fund investors are Gen Z, comprising 54% of the total. 

Moreover, Gen Z investors exhibit a proclivity towards embracing emerging investment avenues such as cryptocurrencies, individual stocks, and non-fungible tokens (NFTs). A CFA Institute report highlights that 55% of Gen Z investors have ventured into cryptocurrencies, showcasing their appetite for innovation and risk-taking.

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Finfluence and Social media 

Social media plays a significant role in Gen Z's financial literacy, with most Gen Z individuals reportedly utilizing social media platforms as their primary source of investing research. Platforms like Instagram and YouTube have become primary sources of financial literacy, and Finfluencers (social media influencers who create finance-related content) attract millions of followers with their insights. They shape the investment decisions and financial literacy of the generation.

The rise of Finfluencers highlights the shifting dynamics of information broadcast and consumption in the digital age. Unlike their predecessors, Gen Z prefers content from relatable influencers who offer information with authenticity and entertainment. These Finfluencers leverage their reach to engage, educate, and empower their audience, building active communities.

The abundance of information online makes critical thinking very necessary. While social media is a valuable resource for investing in research, it also increases the risk of misinformation and undue influence. Gen-Z must cautiously navigate this digital terrain with caution and learn to distinguish between credible sources and sensationalized content.

Gen Z vs Millennials

Gen Z's approach to finance differs from that of millennials. Having experienced events like the 2008 financial crisis and the COVID-19 pandemic, millennials exhibit a cautious approach to finance, instilled with a sense of financial prudence and a desire for stability.

In contrast, Gen-Z is divided into large groups; some demonstrate a propensity for risk-taking, particularly evident in their enthusiasm for investing in cryptocurrency and volatile markets, and some are equally accepting of innovation but believe in stability and long-term investing. 

Concerns with Gen Z's investing practices

They experience confusion in understanding specific topics such as credit cards, debt management, borrowing, taxes, and tax returns. Many young individuals lack adequate knowledge to understand these fundamental aspects of personal finance. This gap in understanding highlights the need for comprehensive financial education tailored to the needs and preferences of younger generations.

Many individuals in these demographics refrain from making investments due to a lack of knowledge, which highlights a significant need for proper guidance and mentorship in finance. It is essential to provide accessible and reliable resources that empower young investors to make informed decisions and navigate the complexities of the financial landscape with confidence.

The rise of Gen Z in India's financial realm can bring about a transformative era characterized by technology-driven investment strategies and influence-based influence. With a knack for innovation, their portfolios will comprise everything from cryptocurrencies to equity markets. They are not clever only when it comes to sharing Netflix passwords, but this is accompanied by a lack of understanding of fundamental financial concepts and the necessity for robust education and guidance. Bridging this gap is crucial for ensuring their financial well-being.

By leveraging digital fluency and embracing financial literacy initiatives, Gen Z can navigate complexities and secure a prosperous future. Their unique blend of risk-taking and technological prowess promises to redefine India's investment landscape for years to come.


India's investment landscape is experiencing a dynamic shift driven by Gen Z, a generation characterized by tech- savvy, risk tolerance, and a strong drive for financial independence. Unlike stereotypical portrayals, they actively engage with equity markets, mutual funds, and even emerging avenues like cryptocurrencies, demonstrating a nuanced approach to diversification and alpha generation. Social media plays a significant role in their research and decision-making, but Gen Z remains critical consumers of information, aware of potential misinformation.

While concerns regarding fundamental financial literacy persist, their inherent digital fluency offers immense potential for future transformation. By addressing knowledge gaps and fostering financial education, India can empower Gen Z to navigate the complexities of the market with confidence, paving the way for a future shaped by innovation, influence, and a generation ready to redefine financial independence.

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