What is Compliance payout?

In pursuance of SEBI’s circular,

  • Clients who have traded in the month/quarter, a broker can retain only Rs. 10,000 in his / her account while the remaining balance above Rs. 10,000 will be subject to Pay-out at least once in every month/quarter.
  • Clients who have NOT traded during the month/quarter the amount available in the ledger will be subject to Pay-out every month/quarter.


As a client, the Payout of funds provided as margin for Trading can be an inconvenience at times wherein

  • You may see a potential opportunity in the market and only to your surprise, there are no funds in your Trading account.
  • The cost involved in the transfer of funds (in and out of your Trading account).
  • Time is taken for this transaction (24hrs)


In order to avoid this inconvenience, we suggest clients invest in NSE Listed Exchange traded fund 'Liquid Bees'. Here we do not charge any Brokerage and even STT is not applicable for the same.

As stated earlier, this is purely a voluntary decision from your end. It is an alternative to avoid every quarter payout of funds lying in your Trading account.

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