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All in one platform
Experience the ability to seamlessly navigate your trading needs within a single app. Our unwavering commitment to create cutting-edge tools and products empowers traders, enabling them to effortlessly execute complex orders through a unified interface.
Progressive Referral Program
Unlock the exhilarating potential of trading, as we introduce an element of excitement by empowering you to generate an additional income stream through referrals of CubePlus to your friends and family.
Dedicated Support
We have effectively done it for the last 10+ years and we don’t plan on stopping. Best in class client support to provide meaningful resolutions to all queries in a time bound manner.
Trusted Partner
We’ve bootstrapped our way to the top, with no proprietary trading, and maintained an enviable 99.9% uptime. Our pristine record of multiple clean audits underscores our dedication to transparency, establishing us as a trustworthy companion in your trading voyage.


Making trading easy through interactive and sophisticated applications. Enhance your trading experience with the all new CubePlus mobile and web application.

Lowest brokerage

Everything you need, on a budget! Transparent costing, no hidden charges.

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Ahead of the curve, for many reasons

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Unparalleled support

10 years of commitment to client success

What people have to say about us?

Dhanush Kumar
Arjun Prasad is very help and support to use the tradejiniSuper the app is very niceThe app is very useful
Manjesh Kumar
I have been using Tradejini from last 3 years. It has been wonderful experience. Sunder, Divya and Puneet from Tradejini is been one point contact for me. They has been excellent in responding and fulfilling the requirements.Would recommend Tradejini as Equity Trading platform to everyone.
Sharma Varun
Perfect application with easy to use interfaces. I have been their client for more than 4 years and it is just a perfect and professional place to work in. Their customers service is also very fast. Would highly recommend.
Chetan Jain
I have been using Tradejini from last 3 years.. It has been wonderful experience .. Also Puneet from Tradejini is been one point contact for me.. He has been excellent in responding and fulfilling the requirements.Would recommend Tradejini as Equity Trading platform to everyone.
shashank .A.
TRADEJINI is providing an amazing platform for traders and an amazing API facility, they have a very supportive staff, any problem faced by the client is resolved instantly.I would recommend all to trade through this platform.
K KPurohit
Most beautiful application so please time to time apdet so I am very interested so good balance faster processing all orders so very happy happy happy
Arjun Prasad
Highly recommend!!! Great User Interface!!! Smooth transition between portals and apps. Wonderful Experience...
drushya Gk
Amazing app..neatly designed and user friendly .
somya nagar
It is seamless and extremely fast. The features are quite good and I felt I can see all details in one single app. Really amazing..!!!
Suresh Kumar
The software features are very advanced .. advanced tools are helping traders to execute speedy orders.. The margin details are very clear and easy to understand comparing to other broking softwares..

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