When it comes to trade executions, Tradejini knows that a fraction of a second is all it takes for a stock price to fluctuate, potentially impacting a trade.

NEST (Next generation Electronic Securities Trading platform) is a complete trading solution for Investors, developed by Omnesys Technologies Pvt. Ltd. The software has been developed to provide an integrated system for trading and risk management.

NEST Trader gives the Investor Clients the convenience of secure and real time access to quotes and trading. The services are specifically designed to meet the ever-changing needs of the Stock market and investors.

NEST Trader has two levels of password for the investor. One password to allow the investor to login into the software and another password called the Transaction Password to place orders. Both the passwords are stored securely and totally encrypted.

Investor would be able to
Place Orders
Modify, Cancel Orders
View Order Book
View Trade Book
View Position Book
View Limits
View Quotes
View Market Picture (MBP)

Trading is quick, convenient, user friendly and dependable.  Powered by NSE NOW launched by the National Stock Exchange of India, you trading is more secure and can be operated anywhere and everywhere. Tradejini customers can now bank on NSE NOW – the industry’s preeminent trading platform – to trade and utilize all our flawless services.

With NSE NOW traders can:

 Access NSE servers directly which boosts trade execution speed, eliminating downtime

 Day-wise and net-wise reports can be viewed

 Information and alerts available via mobile, web or email

 Request and access advanced analytical graphs and charts

See below for the  2 easy ways to trade with NSE NOW:
NSE NOW’s  software can be downloaded and installed directly onto your computer. Trading using this method is generally faster and more responsive.

NSE NOW EXPRESS is a user friendly web portal that allows you to trade hassle-free via a secure site. 

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