Tradejini Refer Your Friend Program

Refer a Friend Revenue Earning potential can be as follows for every month
Active Clients referred Average Daily Trade Cumulative trades from all clients per month Commission earned per month Commission earned per annum

* Notes Of the calculator

There are 20 trading days in a month.

Referral commission is calculated at 10% of brokerage.

Tradejini has a special rewarding program for its clients that would help them enjoy cash credit that can more than offset the brokerage charged to them and help create an annuity with no extra cost and effort. This is like the “Who Finds a Friend Finds a Treasure” model.

Every existing client can refer any number of friends or relatives to Tradejini by simply logging into the back office and clicking on “refer a client” button. Share the basic information of your friends such as Name, Mobile Number and mail-id. who will be interested to open a trading account with us. Once these clients start trading, we will keep sharing 10% of the brokerage charged to them as a referral commission to You. The Back office login will show how many such clients are mapped and “referral wallet” allows you to track the credit available in your account.

We at Tradejini, look at not just satisfying the clients but go beyond to create client delight. This “Refer your Friend” program would possibly create perpetual earning potential with zero efforts once your friend is on-board. You can refer your friend as and when you are comfortable. There is no minimum criterion or conditions apply to become eligible for this program once you become a client of Tradejini. After that you can sit back and relax trade for yourselves while we will do everything possible to convert your referrals as Tradejini clients. Over a period of time, you will realise how valuable your friends are as they can be your treasure trove.

Please note that the above numbers are for the purpose of illustration and the actual number can vary depending on the number of active traders and the number of trades. The credit payments are subject to TDS and a minimum brokerage credit of Rs. 2,000 from all your referred friends

For more details you can speak to our officer at 080-4020 4020 or simply mail us at and we can get on board the treasure trove!

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